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Stormont Stanzas

Year 10 pupil Caolan was recently invited as guest of the Community Arts Partnership to read his poem "Time....Tick Tock" at Stormont Castle.

The event, held in the Glasshouse adjacent to the castle , was part of European Heritage Open Day and was a showcase of poetic work by young people. 

Caolan was involved in a series of poetry workshops held in school earlier in the year and funded by the "Poetry in Motion"  initiative.

Caolan previously performed the piece in the Waterfront Hall Belfast.


Time, I think, is our enemy sometimes. 

When we want it to go fast

it goes slow. 

When we want it to go slow

it goes fast.



There never are enough ticks or tocks. 

Every morning,

Tick, tock

"Is that the time?"- I missed the bus,

tick, tock

The bus drove by. I was just one

tick tock

away from getting it.

I was late for school.

My teacher shouts

"You're late- detention!"

I'm in the detention room

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

The ticks and the tocks are buzzing in my ears. 

Time is going so slow

Tick, tock

I wish......

Tick, tock

I wish....... 

Tick, tock

I wish time would just stop!

There was silence,

no tick

no tock. 

I checked the corridors.


No tick.

No tock.

Everyone was frozen in time. 

"What have I done?" I yell...

and wake up. A dream!

Tick, tock

Oh is that the time? I get up and get changed. I missed the first bus Tick, tock. 

I ran down the street.

I missed the second bus.

Tick, tock. 

I was late for school. 

My teacher shouts," You're late- detention!" 

tick tock. 

I'm in the detention room,

time is so slow

tick tock, tick, tock. 

I wish....... 


I wish........ 

Tick, tock

I wish time would just..........

I stopped myself. 

Let's keep time the same. 

Never tamper with something you can't fix, like the ticks and the tocks.

Halloween Horror Stories

De La Salle students are getting ready early for Halloween.

Some strange characters have been seen in the library reading spooky stories.

So be careful in case you run into one!

Happy Halloween reading!


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