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Terms of Reference Jan 2017

Terms of Reference for a review of Child Protection and Safeguarding

Arrangements within De La Salle College

The Board of Governors of De La Salle College have requested an independent evidence based review of the Child Protection

arrangements within the College, and a review of the handling of a specific incident which occurred in May 2013 and

which was raised in June 2013 and subsequently.

As a minimum, and not exclusively, the Independent Review should seek to cover the following:

Comprehensive Review of May 2013 Incident

1. Carry out a comprehensive review into the handling by De La Salle College of Child Protection concerns raised following Confession in May 2013. The review should identify whether:

o appropriate steps were taken by school staff to refer the matter to appropriate authorities,

o there was effective communication with external bodies in relation to the matters raised,

o there was appropriate communication with pupils and parents,

o there was appropriate support to affected pupils, and,

o appropriate steps were taken to implement safeguards for future arrangements.

The review should include subsequent concerns raised in relation to the same matter, and should make recommendations on

improving practice in the handling of Child Protection concerns as well as identifying any actions outstanding which are required.

Management and Communication

1.       Review the general management of Child Protection issues within the college, to include the delegation of responsibility within the management structure.

2. Ensure that safeguarding arrangements, and in particular the school’s Child Protection Policy, meets current

Department of Education requirements.

3. Review communication of safeguarding and child protection issues to parents, school staff and school managers

including governors and pupils, highlighting where changes may need to be made.

4. Review record keeping in relation to Child Protection matters and handling.

Training and Development

5. Review the frequency and adequacy of the training materials used in Whole School Training at De La Salle College

and provide guidance for future training.

6. Ensure compliance with Department of Education, and Education and Training Inspectorate requirements in

respect of recommended Designated Teacher, Principal and Governors training, including refresher training.

Final Report

7. Provide a final Report to the Board of Governors, to include an analysis of the findings of the review,

together with recommendations for implementing improvements in the management of Child Protection

and Safeguarding within De La Salle College.

The Review Body may expect the full cooperation of all relevant personnel and will be granted will be granted full

and unrestricted access to policies and records, which should be treated in accordance with the arrangements for

confidentiality and data protection in the school.

After consultation with the Board of Governors the review body may amend these Terms of Reference to ensure that

the final report is as robust as possible.


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