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Welcome to the Art & Design and Moving Image Arts Department at De La Salle College, we are a very vibrant and energetic department with teaching staff that cover a wide range of expertise. Art and Design is taken by all Key Stage 3 students and is offered at GCSE and A Level. Moving Image Arts is offered at GCSE and A Level. 


Our aim is to provide every student with a safe and creative learning environment where everyone is given the opportunity to learn and develop new and exciting skills.

Art & Design:

Key Stage 3 


At Key Stage 3 students investigate and refine their practical skills in a variety of media and processes including: 

-    Drawing (pencil, pen, pastels and collage) 

-    Painting 

-    Printing (mono and styrofoam)

-    Textiles (felting, appliqué and embroidery)

-    Ceramics (2D and 3D) 

-    Photography 

-    Critical and contextual studies 



  • Year 8 - Food 

  • Year 9 - Under the Sea  

  • Year 10 - Natural form 

GCSE and A Level   


The department follows the CCEA specifications.  Students experiment with a wide variety of techniques and media challenging their existing core skills. Students are encouraged to take risks and develop as young artists as they work towards a thematic outcome. 


Every year the department organises an Art Exhibition for Years 12, 13 and 14 to celebrate the hard work the students have put in over the year.


We also offer Level 3 Oxford Cambridge Technical Art and Design. Students studying this subject gain practical and creative skills in Photography that they can easily transfer into the workplace.

Moving Image Arts 


GCSE and A Level 


The department follows the CCEA specifications. 


Moving Image Arts introduces our students to the world of film making. Students develop skills in all areas of film production including: screenplay writing, storyboarding, directing, editing, producing and production design. Students experiment with film making techniques and processes to create short films and stop-motion animations. 

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