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AIM 1: The Building of a LaSallian Atmosphere and community spirit which will create the conditions in which all staff can fulfil their roles and all students can be active participants in their own education.

AIM 2: The Promotion of a Pastoral Care System which will facilitate the Christian formation of all students to meet the challenges of life in modern society.



AIM 3: The Provision of academic and vocational courses which will: develop in each student his skills and talents; prepare each student for public examinations; develop in each student a sense of dignity, self esteem and self respect.

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AIM 4: The provision of a Staff Development Programme to appraise the needs and aspirations of staff as they provide the commitment to and the scope for, a high quality of education.


AIM 5: The creation of an awareness by the school of the needs of the local community and the promotion of the role of the school in that community.

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