The History Department in De La Salle College is responsible for the delivery of the History programmes of study to all pupils in KS3. We hope to develop pupil’s knowledge and understanding of the past and its impact on their lives today.


We also aim to develop pupils’ life skills in areas such as communication and critical thinking, helping pupils to become independent learners. Pupil’s knowledge and understanding of KS3 History is enhanced by trips to the Somme Centre.

GCSE History has always been an extremely popular choice for De La Salle College pupils and currently, there are three Year 11 and two Year 12 classes completing this course. 


Last year in 2018, 80% of the students sitting the exam achieved A*-C grades. The current Year 12 boys enjoyed an excellent and informative Murals tour at the end of Year 11. 

Such a high number of GCSE students has meant that the subjects offered by the History Department at KS5 level have proven to be extremely popular. 


In this respect the department can be seen to make a significant contribution to the academic aims of the College. 

The two subjects offered by the Department at Advanced level are History and Government and Politics.  Currently, there are about 70 students taking, either singly or in combination, these subjects at ‘A’ Level.

The pupils are very successful in both History and Government and Politics. In 2018 the A-C average for History was 78% and the A*-C average for Government and Politics was 80%. A high number of these pupils are now studying History and Politics at University.

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