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De La Salle pupils continue their ICT development with the new iDEA scheme. iDEA is a programme that helps pupils develop digital and enterprise skills.


Through a series of online challenges and events, they can win career-enhancing badges, unlock new opportunities and, ultimately, gain industry recognised awards that help them stand out from the crowd.



ICT can lead to wide range of careers and as such we provide a range of GCSE/Level 2 courses with the intention meeting all needs.

CCEA GCSE in Digital Technology

Students acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of digital technology in a variety of contexts. They choose either Route A: Multimedia or Route B: Programming; based on this, the qualification they achieve is either GCSE Digital Technology (Multimedia) or GCSE Digital Technology (Programming).

OCR Cambridge National in Creative iMedia

Our Cambridge National in Creative iMedia equips students with the wide range of knowledge and skills needed to work in the creative digital media sector. They start at pre- production and develop their skills through practical assignments such as web design and programming to create their final multimedia products.

OCN NI Level 2 Certificate in Information Technology Applications

Designed to provide learners with the IT skills required to function successfully in the work and wider environment. This course is assessed 100% through coursework with no external exam.

Post 16


CCEA A Level in Digital Technology
Our GCE in Digital Technology is for students interested in current and emerging technologies, the impact they have and how to use them effectively. This qualification is likely to appeal to all, but it might particularly interest those who enjoyed studying Digital Technology GCSE or Mathematics.

Cambridge Technicals in ICT

The Cambridge Technicals are vocational qualifications at A level for students aged 16+. They’re designed with the workplace in mind.


De La Salle has been a leading partner with OCR in delivering the Cambridge Technicals to our post 16 pupils with great success. For the past two years 100% of our A level pupils gained an A grade in their A level ICT.


De La Salle is one of only three schools in Northern Ireland that are members of the Digital Schoolhouse initiative. The programme uniquely combines computing, fun, creativity, innovation, and industry expertise and brings them into classrooms across the country.


Digital Schoolhouse is a bridge between industry and education; combining the best of both worlds to inspire students and educators to engage with computing and STEM subjects.

Members of the ICT department receive specialist annual training at the Ukie head office in London. We act as a training hub for local primary schools, promoting coding through initiative interactive workshops.


De La Salle takes part in a UK wide eSports tournament. Nintendo have donated two Switch consoles in order to take part in a Smash Bros tournament. Over 6000 pupils will go head-to-head in the immersive careers event, which aims to educate pupils in roles within eSports and the wider games industry, as well as providing a pro experience for team players.

Esports Logo.png

School-based regional heats will run until the 1st March 2020, before the Regional Qualifiers from the 6th - 31st March 2020 and the Grand Final event in April 2020, to coincide with the London Games Festival supported by Games London.

Last year De La Salle reached the 2019 finals in London in an all day event that was live streamed on Twitch.

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