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Media Studies

In DLS, we offer Media Studies at GCSE and AS/A2 level. 


At GCSE, our students study EDUQAS Media Studies. We assess and analyse a range of media products such as newspapers, film, video games, music, radio, magazines and advertising. We do this by applying the media theoretical framework of media language, representation, industry and audiences.


Some of the texts we currently study are Friends, the IT Crowd, Bond films, The Archers, Katy Perry, The Sun as well as a broad range of other texts. 


At AS/A2, we look deeper into all media products. At AS level, our coursework unit is heavily based on the horror genre. Our students will devise a new horror movie and, after extensive research, will make a range of promotional media to promote their new text.


The AS examination is a thorough examination of their ability to analyse a broad spectrum of products. 

A2 presents students with the chance to research their chosen genre in depth. The coursework element requires a deep analysis of their text which will lead to a marketing campaign for their new product, including an YouTube advertisement.


The examination provides the opportunity for our students to show off all the skills they have acquired over the two-year course. 

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