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The Northern Ireland Curriculum aims to empower pupils to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible choices and decisions throughout their lives. It is about helping all pupils prepare for life and work:

  • as individuals;

  • as contributors to society;

  • as contributors to the economy and the environment.


Music has a significant role to play in this.

The fundamental aim of the music curriculum is to develop pupils’ musical ability. All pupils are potentially musical and should be provided with learning experiences which develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in making and responding to music through active engagement in the core musical activities of composing, performing and listening.


Every student should leave school prepared for life in our modern world. The music department seeks to provide a range of classroom activities which encourages the boys to focus on resilience and grit to underpin success in education and employment.




The music department is greatly involved in the Religious education and ethos of the school. Our pupils regularly participate in Class Masses, Year Masses, Class Retreats, Morning Assemblies, Masses in the College Chapel, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, Easter and St John Baptiste Feast Day.


The department currently offers free tuition for Guitar, Woodwind, Voice and Tin whistle.

We have a College Choir which performs during school and at public events such as St George’s Christmas Market, and a College Traditional Folk Group.


 Key stage 3

All students learn tin whistle and keyboard. Lessons are hands-on and active and all pupils have the opportunity to compose, perform and become critical thinkers.


Key stage 4

Students follow the GCSE CCEA syllabus which includes topics such as Pop Music:1980s to present day, and Film Music, and prepares pupils for A level and other Further Education qualifications if they wish to pursue other pathways and careers.

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