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Politics in De La Salle College is one of the most popular and successful A-Levels. In a climate of mass media where young people are being constantly bombarded with information, where it is impossible to trust accuracy of statements even from some of our world leader’s it is essential that young people they possess the skills to be selective and to be critical with the information they are exposed to.


In the History and Politics department, we strive to develop pupils as critical independent thinkers and pupils can expect to receive a valuable learning experience. 



Pupils will undertake a two-year study of Government and Politics with a study of:


  • AS Unit 1: The Government and Politics of Northern Ireland. 

  • AS Unit 2: British Political Process.  

  • A2 Unit 1 Option B A comparative study of the Government and Politics of the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

  • A2 Unit 2: Option A: Political Power. 

A large volume of our pupils chose to study History and Politics simultaneously and respond well to the delivery of the subject at De La Salle College. In 2020 our A*-C average was 100% with over 50% of said pupils achieving A*-A.


Politics opens doors for our pupils to further explore the world around them, their place in this world and the abundance of ideas of how the world could work. Many of the transferable skills gained from a study of politics are of benefit to pupils in the transition to University and adult life. 

As a result of the valuable learning experience received in the History and Politics Department, it is not unusual to see many of our student’s transition into higher level education to study courses in the field of social science(s) for example:


  • Politics

  • History

  • Law

  • Social Policy

  • Sociology

  • Criminology

  • Philosophy 

  • Journalism

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