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Past and present pupils create new audio visual exhibition at Armagh Planetarium

Oh What A Night! Many congratulations to our past pupil, Noel Connor, a very successful poet and artist, for his remarkable new work and exhibition “The Bovedy Illuminations” which premiered tonight in the Armagh Planetarium. Detailing an extraordinary fusion of personal and universal histories through poetry, imagery and sound, Noel recalls memories ignited by an unusual celestial event in West Belfast half a century ago - a meteorite which roared low across the skies on 25 ...April 1969, breaking the sound barrier and illuminating the night sky on its descent, whilst he was playing football in a street near Koram Ring with his friends.

Noel was joined by many family, friends and distinguished guests, including David McBride, a much loved Geography Teacher and classmate in La Salle, and Nathan Quinn O’Rawe, current Deputy Head Boy, who both contributed to the production of a thought-provoking audiovisual piece set in the school. The exhibition, which marks the 50th Anniversary of the Armagh Planetarium, runs from now until 22 May 2019. The actual Bovedy Meteorite is also on display in the planetarium for all budding scientists, and skeptics, to see! We look forward to welcoming Noel back to the school in the near future and wish him continued success in his amazing career.



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