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Wheelchair basketball has helped my confidence

MY name is Matthew Hunter, I am 16-years-old and I am a pupil in Year 12 in De La Salle College in Belfast. My favourite hobbies are playing wheelchair basketball for the Knights Wheelchair Basketball team, going out with friends and sometimes playing Playstation online with my friends.

During school I enjoy to go to my favourite subjects such as Media Studies, History, PE and a lot of other subjects that I enjoy taking part in.

Knights Wheelchair Basketball is a club that allows people with special needs to embrace the excitement of playing on an actual basketball court in front of both their friends and family. Wheelchair basketball is not very different from able bodied basketball, the rules are the same, the style of play is the same and even the atmosphere is the same and there is nothing quite like it. This year will be my third year playing for the Knights and I'm pleased to say I'm enjoying every minute of it.



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