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It is the aim of the Science department to ensure that all pupils have the experiences that enable them to gain the necessary knowledge and understanding to:

  • become confident and competent citizens in an ever increasing technical world;

  • recognise the usefulness and limitations of Science;

  • Realise that Science is relevant to many aspects of everyday life.



At Key Stage 3 pupils learn about Chemistry, Biology and Physics, this include a variety of teaching methods and activities including the introduction to the safe use of the laboratory equipment and developing through Key stage 3 to include Science investigations.


At Key Stage 4 pupils have the opportunity to study CCEA Single Award Science or CCEA Double Award Science. The Single Award Science is delivered by 1 teacher and Double Award Science has 3 separate teachers for Chemistry, Biology and Physics.


At Key Stage 5, AS/A2 CCEA Biology and Chemistry are offered in collaboration with St Genevieve's High School. AS/A2 CCEA Single Award Life and Health Science is delivered in De La Salle College.

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