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  • Technology & Design (Key Stage 3, Level 2 GCSE and Level 3 A’ Level)

  • BTEC Level 3 Engineering

  • BTEC Level 3 Construction and the Built Environment

  • Level 2 Occupational Studies – Construction Pathway

  • Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies (Level 2 GCSE)

As a discrete subject, Technology and Designchallenges students to combine their knowledge and skills whilst developing their creativity and problem-solving skills. 

In Technology and Design, students will design and manufacture high quality products. Every design is influenced by outside factors such as client/consumer demand, the state of the market, customer expectations and consumer laws.


Students are given the opportunity to tackle design problems of their own choice and to explore and develop effective and innovative solutions. With the choice of control technology, environmental, materials, furniture, product and transport design and technology, to name just a few, the types of project produced by students are wide ranging.

We encourage the boys to develop their own design thoughts and ideas.


The department is well equipped with a wide range of hand tools, power tools, traditional machinery and has recently invested in additional CAD/CAM equipment. 

The staff in the department prepare the boys for future careers in a Technology, Engineering or Construction related field.


Engineering is offered within the department as a Post-16 Level 3 qualification.  

Students will gain the core technical knowledge required to work in today’s exciting engineering industry and cover topics such as:


  • the scientific principles used to identify the most suitable materials in a given engineering context

  • mechanical engineering systems and components

  • the process of engineering design.


Transferable skills are valued by employers and higher education alike. Throughout this two year course at La Salle, students should acquire the following transferable skills that have been contextualised into the content of this qualification:


  • communication (oral and written)

  • teamwork

  • problem-solving.

Engineering (2).jpg


Construction is offered as a Level 2 subject within the Department.


The subject provides a course with flexible programmes rooted in practical and occupational contexts. Occupational Studies appeals to many of our Year 11 & 12 students, who are better suited to developing their skills in a more practical, occupationally orientated environment. It is an excellent subject, enjoyed by all who undertake it.

Occupational Studies (Construction) provides a hands-on approach to learning. What makes it different from other Technology based courses, is its focus on Bench Joinery and Carpentry knowledge, understanding and skills.


At Level 3, the Construction and the Built Environment qualification gives our students the opportunity to acquire specialist knowledge and technical skills, enabling entry to an Apprenticeship, which is encouraged, other employment, or progression to related higher education courses. There are units within this qualification that are suited to employer involvement, giving students the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.

Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies 

Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies is a subject area where our students develop a wealth of relevant knowledge and practical skills, including a greater awareness of the motor vehicle itself and its systems. 

​It focuses on learning to drive in different conditions and coping with the unexpected. It deals with the various costs involved in running a car and raises broader issues of traffic management and pollution. It also looks at how best to avoid accidents and, if one does occur, what to do and how to limit the damage. 

​Throughout, it drives home the importance of making safety top priority. Students, as part of their Controlled Assessment, will be instructed to safely ride a moped, before being assessed as part of the GCSE Practical Riding Activity.

​De La Salle College has recently taken delivery of a new Moped. It is also planned to offer the practical moped instruction to some students from our Sixth Form as part of the Post-16 Enhancement Programme.

​All students in the Technology and Design Department, no matter their subject area, work in an inclusive environment where mutual respect between staff and students is very evident.
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