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Business Studies

The aim of the Business Studies department is to create a keen interest and enthusiasm for the study of business and the economy. The courses we deliver give the students the opportunity to critically asses the influences and implications of the business world. 

As a department we promote active learning whereby students will be given the chance to participate in activities that will develop the skills needed for further study and the world of work.


A business qualification can open many doors, the skills developed at Key Stage 4 and 5 will enable the students to continue on to further study in the following careers: Marketing, Finance, Accountancy, Management, Human Resources and self-employment. 


Our courses are designed to provide the learners with a unique insight into the world of work. Throughout its study, students discover how businesses operate and learn about their key elements and essential business functions: 

  • Pearson BTEC Tech Award Level 1/ 2 Enterprise

  • CCEA Business Studies

Post 16

The following courses are on offer at Post 16:


  • OCR Level 2 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Business

  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 Extender Certificate in Business


Both courses are vocational qualifications that are equivalent to GCSE and A Level. 

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